Life on board a Bozburun Peninsula Gulet

Like your food? Every day your cook will serve you three delicious Turkish meals; breakfast is served with fruit, eggs, bread, cheese, vegetables, honey and olives from local producers and (for lunch and dinner) fish or meat, barbecued on the boat. Turkish cuisine has very old traditions and is low-fat, with lots of ‘vegetarian’ specialties, very healthy. Every evening after a delightful Turkish dinner, you will enjoy the sounds of silence at sea, only interrupted by the sounds of your company or a jumping fish or maybe even a dolphin.

While sipping a drink of your choice, you can study the stars and you will clearly see the milky-way, the galaxy which is our home in the universe. Counting the satellites crossing the sky while enjoying a Raki (the Turkish anis spirit, also called “The Turkish milk” because it becomes white when mixed with water) is also strongly recommended. And don´t forget; you always have the option of sleeping on deck, under the stars.

When the morning sun wakes you up, you start the new day by jumping into the warm and clear seas.


Then a traditional Turkish breakfast is served on the boat’s aft deck. After breakfast (or after lunch) you head for the next destination, which might well be the Greek island Simi or Tilos, where a night in the port (where Raki is called Ouzo) is another experience.

Or you can steer the ship into one of the many picturesque tiny harbors on the outer edge of the Turkish mainland. Where next? Maybe a beautiful secluded bay for lunch, snorkeling in the clear water, chasing fish or just relaxing with a book and soft music on the sun deck of your floating, exclusive private hotel.

When, after a week, you are returning through the calm waters of the Peninsula you probably feel totally happy with life. This is our idea of your perfect Blue Cruise in the Turkish Aegean and Mediterranean sea, and we would like to share this experience with you!

Welcome on board!

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