Bozburun | Bozburun Peninsula

Bozburun is a sleepy and quiet little fishing and boat building village far out on the edge of the Turkish southwest mainland, as close to the Greek islands as you can be without leaving land. It is on the tip of the Bozburun Peninsula, classed as a National Park by the Turkish Authorities so protected from high rise hotel developments. In the village there is a small and popular harbour known to sailors for a long time already. Along the Peninsula are beautiful villages including Orhaniye, Turgut, Bayir and Selimiye.


This is the real unspoilt Turkey so popular with guests wanting to experience authentic rural Turkey where life has remained largely unchanged for generations. Bozburun is world famous for its boat building where the wooden Turkish Gulets are lovingly constructed by hand using generations old traditions. Gulets built in Bozburun are sought after throughout Europe so you will find many Bozburun Gulets cruising the waters of Italy and Croatia.