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Are the Gulets Private?

Yes, These Gulets are all for private charter so you hire the complete Gulet for your group. This compares to Cabin Only cruises where you share the Gulet with others. Our guests prefer private charters so that is all we offer.

Can we sail to the Greek Islands?

Yes, the islands of Symi, Tilos and Rhodes are all accessable from the Bozburun Peninsula during your Gulet Cruise. If you sail to the Greek islands, you will have to pay extra Greek harbour taxes. However Greek Customs limit the maximum number of guests to 12 who can land from a Turkish Gulet so cruises with more than this amount of guests onboard cannot stop at the Greek islands.

In practice a large Gulet with 16 guests may use the services of a small Gulet with 4 guests to allow a total of 16 guests across the two Gulets to enter a Greek port.

Can you arrange a villa as well?

We can also book the best luxurious Turkish villas on the Bozburun Peninsula. We can arrange Gulet, villa, airport transfers and car hire, as one fantastic holiday.

More information at:

Can you arrange airport transfers?

Yes, we can arrange private airport transfers with an authorised transfer company directly to your Gulet on the Bozburun Peninsula or luxury villa from all the local airports.

Can you sail in a Gulet?

All the Gulets featured here have sails so during your cruise you can turn off the engine and enjoy some time sailing.

Do the gulets have air-conditioning?

All the Gulets in this guide have A/C to all cabins.

However be aware that the generator has to be running for the A/C to work so most Gulets will shut down the generator overnight because of noise, so in practice you will have A/C a few hours a day.

Do you need a visa to enter Turkey?

Yes, but it is very easy. The Turkish Government operates a simple 3 month tourist visa stamp that is purchased as you arrive at the airport. No forms or fuss. Currently, the visa is 10 GBP or equivalent per person for UK guests.

What are Greek Harbour taxes?

The Greek islands of Tilos, Symi and Rhodes are very close to the Bozburun Peninsula so your cruise may involve crossing an International border into the EU and Greece. If you stop at these Greek islands, all Turkish Gulets have to pay harbour taxes to the local Greek authorities. The price you pay varies according to factors like Gulet size etc.

What day do you start a Gulet Cruise?

Gulet cruises normally run from Saturday to Saturday. In the high season most owners will charge the same for a part week cruise as a full week cruise so you should book a week cruise.

What does the price include?

The owner confirms this at quotation time. The price quoted normally includes Gulet, 4 hours cruising fuel per day, captain, crew and Turkish harbour taxes. Not normally included are all food and drinks onboard and Greek harbour taxes if you decide to go to one of the Greek islands during your cruise. The price page of each Gulet shows if food is included in the price. Gulet cruises normally run from Saturday to Saturday.

What facilities are there in the Gulet?

Check with the description page of each Gulet. It will tell you if each cabin has its own bathroom and air-conditioning. This page will also include water sports equipment etc.

What is a Blue Cruise?

A Blue Cruise is a cruise in a yacht (normally a traditional Turkish Gulet) along the South West coast of Turkey. This name originally came from a Turkish political writer called Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli.

It is the same as a Gulet Cruise.

What is a Gulet?

A gulet is a traditional built wooden yacht, built in villages along the Bozburun Peninsula. They are specially built for chartering in the Aegean and Mediterranean sea.

The village of Bozburun is particularly famous for building Gulets so you will find Bozburun Gulets sailing the Mediterranean in Countries right across Europe.

What are the prices for a Gulet Cruise?

Prices vary for these luxury Gulet Cruises, ranging from around EUR 5,000 to over EUR 20,000 per week depending on type/size of boat and season.

Please check the price page of each Gulet to see what the season prices are, and is food included.

Gulet cruises normally run from Saturday to Saturday.

What should you bring onboard?

Captains suggest the following: camera, sun hat, sun cream, 2 x swim suits, towel, books, light clothes, own mask and snorkel.

Please pack a soft bag as hard suitcases are difficult to stow onboard.

If you have a combined villa / cruise holiday, you can often store your hard suitcases in our villa whilst you are on your cruise.

What travel insurance do we need?

Turkey is NOT part of the EU so the e111 European Health Insurance card is NOT valid. If you buy European travel insurance, check that Turkey is included (it normally is) and that it covers any sporting activity that you may want to do whilst in Turkey, eg Scuba Diving etc.

Where is the nearest airport?

Dalaman (DLM) is the nearest airport to Marmaris and the Bozburun Peninsula, for example about one hour transfer to Marmaris.

Bodrum is also possible, and is about an additional 30 mins transfer. You can get flights to Dalaman all the year.